The Pain of the Artist

Published 15/04/2024
An artist's pain

From Rejection to Global Success with Modern Solutions

The Challenge of Being Unknown in the Art Market

The Pain of the Artist – The modern art world can be an unforgiving battlefield for emerging artists. Countless rejections from galleries, high commissions, and geographical limitations are just a few of the hurdles that unknown artists face. Walking from door to door, they often hear that “you are not well-known enough for us to sell your work” – these are the harsh realities many painters, sculptors, and graphic artists encounter. The art market, largely focused on established names, presents a formidable barrier to new talents dreaming of international careers.

Local Limitations versus Global Aspirations

Additionally, being confined to a local market means limited exposure and opportunities. In Poland and elsewhere, local galleries and auction houses tend to promote artists who are already recognized locally, leaving lesser-known creatives overshadowed.

The Emotional and Financial Burden

The uncertainty of income is another significant burden. Gallery commissions that can reach up to 50% of the selling price, plus the logistical costs of transporting artwork, can be discouraging and demotivating, especially when profits are modest and sporadic.

Modern Solutions: The Digital Revolution in Art

NFTs and Blockchain: A New Horizon for Artists / The Pain of the Artist

Worldwide Reach Without Barriers

Digitizing artworks and selling them as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have opened up global markets for artists. Platforms like enable artists to sell their works without physical interactions with buyers, allowing them to reach collectors globally, regardless of their physical location.

Authenticity and Security

Blockchain technology, the backbone behind NFTs, ensures indisputable proof of ownership and authenticity of the work. This eliminates risks of forgery and facilitates the secure management of copyright.

Continuous Income from Secondary Sales

NFTs also allow artists to earn a percentage from subsequent sales of their work, providing a potential continuous source of income.

International Art Fairs and Online Exhibitions

Expansive Opportunities for Display

Participating in international art fairs such as Art Basel and Frieze, accessible online, offers artists a chance to exhibit their works to a broad audience without leaving their studios.

Social Media and Online Marketing

Building a Global Brand

A strong presence on social media platforms helps build a worldwide brand. Artists can directly engage with fans and collectors, enhancing their visibility and boosting sales.

Benefits for Collectors

Easy Access to Emerging Talents

Collectors interested in originality and innovation can more easily discover new talents on NFT platforms and through social media, which was much more challenging previously.

Security of Investment

Blockchain provides assurance that their purchases are authentic and allows them to easily prove ownership.


The struggle of being an unknown artist in the art market can be profound, but modern technologies and marketing strategies offer viable solutions. By breaking down market and emotional barriers, these tools enable artists not only to gain international visibility but also to secure financial stability and artistic freedom. Q&A

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