Anticipating the Future of ART Token

Published 13/03/2024

Pre-Sale Phases and Pricing Strategy

Introduction to the Upcoming ART Token

The ART token is set to make waves in the Uniswap ecosystem through a carefully structured pre-sale event designed to empower early adopters and smoothly transition through various stages of market entry. This article takes a closer look at the pricing increments slated for each stage and unpacks the strategy behind this intriguing token launch.

Anticipating the Future of ART Token

Stage I: The Kickoff

In the first phase, Stage I, the ART token was offered at 0.01 MATIC, with the entirety of the 25,000,000 ART allocated for this phase already completely sold out. This initial sell-out serves as a testament to the ART token’s compelling entry into the market and sets a solid foundation for its future stages.

Anticipating the Future of ART Token

Stage II: Building Momentum

The pre-sale is expected to progress to Stage II, where the price will see an increase to 0.012 MATIC per ART. This 20% increase from the first stage is poised to keep the momentum going while still offering attractive pricing for new investors.

Phase II Stages: Controlled Appreciation

From the outset of the pre-sale, an ART/MATIC pool will be available on the DEX Uniswap, allowing investors to trade the ART tokens they acquire. This move is aimed at building trust within the community and preventing a potential ‘rug pull,’ ensuring that investors can have confidence in the token’s liquidity and longevity.


Ensuring a Robust Trading Environmen

As the pre-sale moves into its second phase, which encompasses six stages, the price is set to rise from 0.032 MATIC to 0.29 MATIC per ART. This phase signifies a future where the ART token’s valuation will progressively climb, reflecting the project’s maturation and the growing trust of its investor base.

The Deliberate Climb

Throughout Phase II, investors will witness methodical price increments, including a significant 166.67% rise as it enters the first stage. Subsequent stages will exhibit increases of 31.25%, 23.81%, 23.08%, and 32.81%, leading up to a considerable 241.18% increase into the final stage.

Anticipating the Future of ART Token
  • Stage I to Stage II: 20.00%
  • Stage II to Phase II Stage 1: 166.67%
  • Phase II Stage 1 to Phase II Stage 2: 31.25%
  • Phase II Stage 2 to Phase II Stage 3: 23.81%
  • Phase II Stage 3 to Phase II Stage 4: 23.08%
  • Phase II Stage 4 to Phase II Stage 5: 32.81%
  • Phase II Stage 5 to Phase II Stage 6: 241.18%

The Culmination: Setting the Stage for Public Trading

The concluding price jump into Phase II, Stage 6, will mark a total increase of 2800% from the initial price in Stage I. This striking progression underscores the token’s escalating value and sets a stage of anticipation for its full-fledged introduction to public trading.


A Strategic Rollout for Stability and Growth

The cascading pre-sale structure of the ART token is deliberately designed to protect against volatile spikes and dips—commonly known as ‘Pump and Dump‘—thereby safeguarding the interests of its holders. The ultimate goal of the team is not merely the sale of the ART token but fostering a robust trading environment for art pieces on their platform. The strategic pre-sale stages are not only about selling tokens; they’re about establishing a stable, trustworthy marketplace that will benefit artists, investors, and the broader community for years to come. Q&A

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