Revolutionizing Art Trade with NFTs

Published 05/11/2023
Digitize artwork uni.decentral-art

Unlocking Art’s Digital Potential

Uni.Decentral-Art has introduced an innovative solution that enables the trading of artworks using digital NFT tokens. These tokens, created through distributed ledger technology, represent physical works of art. It’s a concept that has garnered significant interest recently, with a noticeable increase in transactions on the platform, thanks to blockchain Ethereum-based smart contracts and the Polygon MATIC blockchain, which have reduced transaction costs.

Digital Representations of Physical Artworks

In this unique trading model, artworks legally owned by customers are physically stored by issuers or art owners. There are several pivotal moments when these artworks physically change hands to the rightful owner. Firstly, it occurs when a piece is sold as a single NFT. Secondly, a work can be divided into several or even thousands of NFTs, and the new owner becomes the rightful owner of the physical piece when they accumulate 100% of the NFT tokens.

Art Trade with NFTs Creator NFT in uniDecentralArt

Trading on Uni.Decentral-Art Platform

All these transactions take place on the Uni.Decentral-Art platform, which is accessible through the web interface at And additionally via a dedicated API interface. This novel approach shows the potential to transform the art market. Galleries and auction houses have been the backbone of art storage and trading for centuries.

The Uniqueness of Art Trade with NFTs

So, what makes Art Trade with NFTs? Above all, the project offers artists, art enthusiasts, and art traders a global reach that is immediate and independent. The use of distributed ledger technology and immutable NFT tokens opens up new possibilities that have primarily been reserved for stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other virtual assets.

Ewa Krzywinska NFT Oil Painting

Art for Everyone Art Exchange via NFTs

In practice, this means that artworks painted on canvas become part of this global marketplace. The Uni.Decentral-Art offering is aimed at individual collectors, auction houses, and art galleries. However, it is individual artists and their creativity that play a crucial role here. In the art market, there’s often inequality between major players and smaller artists. But this project aims to create a platform that treats all participants equally. It seeks to make the art world more accessible to everyone. Truly embracing the concept of equal opportunity for artists and collectors.

If You Have Questions, Check the Q & A

If you have any questions or seek more information on this innovative approach to art trading using NFTs, be sure to explore our Question & Answer section on our website. You’ll find comprehensive information to address your queries and understand this exciting development in the art world.

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