Pump and Dump ART – it’s impossible!

Published 12/11/2023
Pump and dump token ART

In today’s times, investing in cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly popular, especially when projects offer unique solutions and innovations. One such project is the ART token, which stands out not only for its name but also for its unique distribution method, eliminating the risk of so-called “Pump and Dump.” It’s worth taking a closer look at what makes the ART token special and why investing in it might be attractive.

Unique Distribution Structure

One of the key aspects that sets the ART token apart from other cryptocurrency projects is the way it was designed and introduced to the market. The key phrase is. “There will be no Pump and Dump for the ART token – There won’t be because it’s not possible.” But why?

The distribution of the ART token has been carefully planned to prevent market manipulation and sudden price fluctuations. A total of 1,972,250,000 ART tokens are available in the public sale, divided into 8 phases, two of which are pre-sale phases. However, that’s not all, as there is also the opportunity to participate in the pre-sale phase. Where ART tokens can be acquired at a lower, promotional price.

Pump and Dump: Threat in the Cryptocurrency Market

“Pump and Dump” is a manipulative strategy often employed in the cryptocurrency market. Its aim is to artificially inflate the price of assets to later sell them at a profit. This process typically begins with mass urging of investors to purchase a particular asset, leading to a rapid increase in its value. Subsequently, when the price reaches the intended level, the initiators of the strategy sell their assets, causing a sudden drop in value. The remaining investors who joined the surge incur losses, while the manipulators make profits.

Pump and dump ART token Is'nt inpossible

Why is the ART Token Not Vulnerable to Pump and Dump ART?

In the case of the ART token, the project creators have taken significant measures to avoid the threat associated with “Pump and Dump.” By implementing a unique distribution structure, they limit the potential for market manipulation and abrupt price spikes. There are several key elements that contribute to this protection:

  1. Limited Token Supply. The total number of ART tokens available in the market is strictly defined and divided into pre-sale and public sale stages. This quantitative limitation hinders price manipulation by artificially increasing demand.
  2. Pre-Sale Stage Strategy. The pre-sale stages are designed to allow various investor groups to participate in the project. This design ensures that price manipulation at one stage does not directly impact subsequent phases, eliminating the possibility of sudden increases and decreases.
  3. Automatic Launch of Subsequent Phases. The automated process ensures a smooth token distribution. It launches successive phases after the completion of previous ones, eliminating the risk of sudden price spikes.s. This restricts market manipulation by controlling the pace of introducing new tokens to the market.
  4. Transparency in DEX Price Setting. While token prices on DEX exchanges are set by the project creators within specified price ranges. After the completion of all pre-sale tokens, prices are released. This eliminates manual interventions and gives the market the freedom to shape prices.

All these measures aim to create a stable and secure distribution structure, minimizing the risk of market manipulation. The pursuit of fair and sustainable investment becomes a crucial element in the context of the ART project. And the unique distribution model serves as protection against potential threats associated with “Pump and Dump.”

Pre-Sale Phase: Acquire Tokens at a Favorable Price

The pre-sale phase is particularly attractive for investors who want to acquire ART tokens at the best price. It’s essential to be aware that this phase is divided into several stages, with a limited number of tokens available at each. Therefore, if you value favorable conditions, it’s not advisable to wait too long. A detailed table of phases and prices is available here. And it’s important to note that the phases are not time-limited. The automatic launch of the next phase after the completion of the previous one ensures a constant supply of tokens.

Diversity of Pre-Sale Stages

The first stage of the pre-sale presents an opportunity to acquire ART tokens. In this pool, there are 25,000,000 AET at a rate of 1 ART = 0.01 matic. Upon the conclusion of this stage, the second stage commences, where a total of 450,000,000 ART. Is available with an exchange rate of 1 ART = 0.012 matic. Subsequent pre-sale stages have their unique exchange rates, making the investment dynamic and appealing to various investor groups.

Pump and Dump ART Phase I Presale list

Phase Two: Public Sale with Progressive Prices

After the conclusion of the first pre-sale phase, the ART token enters the second phase, which is the public sale. This phase is divided into six stages, with token prices increasing from 0.032 MATIC to 0.29 MATIC. A new stage begins automatically after the completion of the previous one, meaning investors have additional opportunities to purchase tokens. Following this phase, ART tokens will be available on DEX exchanges, enabling further interaction with the market.

Pump and Dump ART - Phase II presale list

Setting Prices on DEX: Manual or Automatic?

The price of tokens on DEX exchanges is set by the project creators within specified price ranges for each stage. This is why an alert about manual price setting appears on the Coingecko terminal. However, after the sale of all pre-sale tokens, prices will be released. Eliminating manual interventions and providing the market with freedom.

Summary – Why Invest in the ART Token?

The ART token is not just a piece of cryptocurrency. It represents an innovative approach to distribution, eliminating the risk of Pump and Dump. With precisely planned pre-sale and public sale stages, investors have a unique opportunity to acquire ART tokens advantageously. It’s worth keeping an eye on the project’s development. Especially as its concept seems to address challenges related to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

Whether you are an experienced investor or just starting your journey with cryptocurrencies, the ART token certainly captures attention. However, always remember to thoroughly analyze projects before investing. While the phrase “There will be no Pump and Dump” sounds promising. It doesn’t exempt us from the responsibility of researching and understanding all aspects of a given project.

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