The Revolution of Creativity and Rewards

Published 19/04/2024
The Revolution of Creativity and Rewards

Create and Win! The New Era of NFT Collections

NFTs, which stand for Non-Fungible Tokens, are revolutionizing the world of art and collecting. This new dimension of digital ownership allows artists to reach a global audience and receive fair compensation for their works. uni.DecentralART is opening up unprecedented opportunities for creators.

Decentral ART: Share Your Art

Decentral ART is calling on artists from all over the world to participate in a unique event. Through simple social media interaction, creators have the chance to transfer their artwork into an exclusive NFT collection of up to 1000 unique pieces. This is an opportunity to reach an international audience and create something that will be eternally engraved on the blockchain.

The Revolution of Creativity and Rewards

The Process of Creating a Collection

New Era of NFT Collections – The work of one artist will be selected, going through an exciting process of collection creation. Using the platform, the artwork will be transformed into a series of NFTs. Thanks to this technology, each NFT will not only be a unique work of art but will also carry the potential for value appreciation.

Stages of Collection Creation:

Art Selection: Works will be selected by the community.

Minting the Collection: The selected artwork will be transformed into a collection of 1000 unique NFTs.

Distribution of Rewards: Collectors will receive rewards for completing the collection.

Profit Sharing: The artist will receive 50% of the profits from the sale of their work.

Rewards for Collectors

Decentral ART has ensured that participating in the collection is exciting not only for creators. Collectors who gather the full collection in one wallet will receive the main prize – 40% of the added amount plus a 2% commission. In addition, the random draw algorithm will conduct prize drawings from the prize pool, increasing the chance of significant profit. Innovation in awarding – NFT draw algorithm.

Decentral ART introduces an innovative reward system that further enhances the excitement of collecting digital art. It is not only a platform for creators but also for collectors, who now have an additional incentive to participate in the NFT collection.

New Era of NFT Collections – Reward Dynamics

In the Decentral ART initiative, a dynamic reward system has been introduced that uses smart contracts to draw prizes depending on the percentage level of sales of the collection. Anyone who purchases a token from the collection automatically becomes a participant in the draws.

Here’s how it works:

Algorithm Activation: When sales reach a certain percentage, the draw algorithm activates.

  1. Prize Drawing: The system draws prizes among all wallets that have made a purchase, regardless of the time of the transaction.
  2. Stage Draws: Drawings occur at various sales stages – 1%, 2%, 3%, up to 89%, and finally at 100% sales of the collection.
  3. Accumulating Rewards: Every participant has a chance to win each time a drawing is initiated, increasing the chances of winning valuable prizes.

Detailed Reward Distribution:

  • First Draw: At 1% sales of the collection, the reward is 2.4257 ART.
  • Subsequent Thresholds: With each subsequent sales threshold, the reward amounts increase, up to an impressive 84.438 ART at 89% sales.
  • Main Prize: When sales reach 100%, the main prize is as much as 411,576 ART.

Transparency and Security – New Era of NFT Collections

Decentral ART uses blockchain technology to ensure the transparency and security of the entire drawing process. Smart contracts guarantee the fairness of the prize distribution and are subject to public verification, ensuring that each transaction and draw is conducted in accordance with established rules.

Summary – New Era of NFT Collections

The Decentral ART reward system is an innovation that can completely change the approach to collecting NFT art. Thanks to stage draws and impressive rewards, every participant in the collection has an additional incentive to purchase and participate in this exciting venture. It is a combination of a passion for art with the excitement and possibility of obtaining valuable prizes. Q&A

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